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PeekYou claims to be a people search engine. Unlike other search engines like Google Search, PeekYou is a unique search engine on the Internet because it offers free search results that are specifically about people and their personal details. However, some people may find it difficult to add their demographic or account information and access this website easily.

Learn more about PeekYou’s services, what types of information they list that you can search for, and how you can remove your information from a people search site.

How does It work?

At the top of the website, you’ll find three drop-down menus. One for ‘First Name’, second for ‘Last Name’, and third for ‘State Name’. Enter details to start your search. This process will take some time, of course, as the search engine tries to retrieve the information from its database.

I searched for ‘Robin Mosby’ from Alabama. At the last stage when the results were done, it asked my email id and name.

How do I search for someone on PeekYou?

Go to Enter your first name, last name, and location in Search and click Search. Find a matching result and click on your name to open your profile. Important: PeekYou collects information from a database of multiple people’s searches – if your name has a green icon with a white person next to it, it’s a PeekYou record.

Where Does PeekYou Get Information?

People search engine PeekYou has access to a wide range of relevant information sources on the web. From blogs to news sources, PeekYou collects information about you and other Internet users from a variety of sources.

Their sources include the following:

Public records
Social sites (LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
Court records
Blog platforms
News sources
Other Data Brokers
Instead of manually searching and checking relevant news sources, blogs, and other sites on the Internet, PeekYou aggregates relevant information about someone as well as their friends, family, and colleagues. Users simply need to go to their web browser, open PeekYou, and search for friends or family on the people search engine site.

Protect Your Online Identity

PeekYou has made it very easy for most people to find, discover, discover and connect with each other on the web. This data broker is made profitable by companies and works on the exchange of information and data. They then move on to presenting this data publicly.

This may sound offensive to some. There are people who want to remove their age, location, and other records from the PeekYou site. If protecting your online privacy and identity is in your interest, you can manage this by deleting your information from the Site and removing your links and aggregate results from search engines.

To remove your record from the PeekYou website, simply follow this simple procedure.

Is PeekYou safe to use?

It provides fairly accurate data and links to a person’s social media profiles and other public websites they are associated with. From the looks of it, PeekYou doesn’t look anonymous, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Does PeekYou hide some of the content?

As stated, PeekYou only indexes public content. For example, it won’t show Facebook posts, photos, and user interactions set to private. Choosing to hide some content isn’t the same as being 100% anonymous, but it does have a silver lining.

How to remove your data from PeekYou? is the Web’s leading free people search engine, serving over 6 million monthly visitors. The website shares contact and background information of individuals online. To remove your data from PeekYou, you are required to submit an opt-out request on their site.

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